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Project Plan

The Steelers Project, is a vocational truck driving school that employs, trains, and places parolees and former inmates of the federal, state, and local criminal justice systems.  The Project will also seek to identify potential candidates for training among underprivileged youth of the greater Fort Wayne, Chicago, and Detroit metropolitan areas. 

The Local Freight-Donor Program will be the driving force behind The Steelers Project.  After procuring the needed initial investment capital/ equipment and establishing a pipeline of potential trainees, local manufacturers in need of open-deck (“flat-bed”) transportation of goods will be presented with an opportunity to “donate” to The Project in a two-fold manner:

  • Donation of certain local freight lanes for training purposes

  • Donation of funds to The Steelers Project school at a pro-rated discount of normal transportation fees

For more information, see our full project proposal

Project Pro Forma

Upon the inception of the steelers project, our aim will be to reach full funding for all equipment, wages, and salaries needed in order for the program's initial and continued success. 

for more information, see our full pro forma report

Project  Documents

Project  Presentation